Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

Do you remember those Apple iPhone commercials back in the mid-2000’s where someone would have a problem and then an actor in the commercial would say, “There’s an app for that!”. Well, if you are intermittent fasting right now like so many others are – there is an app for that – actually there are a bunch of apps for that; but which one is the best!

Hey, we got you covered, here we’ll break down which apps are a must have and which ones are a hard pass.

When I started to research this article, I thought I better layout a criterion for what would make a good app and what would make a so/so app. After spending plenty of time on Reddit, Google and YouTube I came up with what would be my go, no-go check list:

  • Easy to Use interface
  • Did it have a FREE option (I like to try before I buy)
  • Clean Design, something that felt good to look at
  • Overall Value

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My Top Picks for the Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

1. Simple Fasting Tracker - Get Simple App here

Why we love it:

  • Simple to use
  • You get tips & fitness expert help
  • Personized plan tracking options

Price: Free 7 Day Trail, then $2.99 a month after that

Ok, so this app really is my favorite, it hits the trifecta for sure! It’s available in both the Apple and Google app store, it has a try before you buy option and it allows you to personalize the app with a short interview process for your body type and what your goals are. For the beginner stop reading this article and just download the app, this one gives the most information on intermittent fasting from plans to workouts to eating and health tips from fitness experts! 

2. Zero calories Fasting Tracker - Get Zero Calories App here

Why we love it: 

  • Access to fasting groups - the more support the better right! 
  • The most tracking options of the apps we tested
  • Customizable design to fit in with your style of intermittent fasting

Price: Free 

Another winner here, it’s available in both the Apple and Google app store and has an easy to use interface that will be sure to please. I like that it’s a very basic app, quick to get up and running and it can log everything you might need to use for intermittent fasting; fasting times, fasting duration and it can log other great info like water intake, body measurements and the like. This app also has a great social sharing feature so you can get some motivation from your like-minded intermittent fasting buddies out there! 

3. Fasting Tracker - Get Fasting Tracker Here

Why we love it: 

  • Simple to use
  • You can log your intermittent fasting and weight history 
  • Customize your fasting times

Price: Free, or $1.99 to go ap-free

Fasting Tracker app is for you Android users out there; no options yet for the Apple crowd – but it’s a great app with 7 presets you can use to jump right into your next intermittent fasting plan. I think this app is really best when you are needing something that’s simple and quick to use; maybe you already know what plan you will be using and you don’t need anything more than a tracker app – hey, even the name is perfect… Fasting Tracker, duh! 

4. Zero - Get Zero App Here

Why we love it: 

  • This app is one of the only that has a notes feature
  • Flexible intermittent fasting time frames
  • History for both fasting and weight loss
  • Great free library on intermittent fasting

Price: Free

I like FREE, you know… it’s just got a nice ring to it doesn’t… FREE! Well, Zero app is free and it’s jam packed with features. You can track just about everything you would want from fasting profiles to water intake, body measurements and even your food diary. Zero app also has a ton of free (there is that word again!!) resources from fitness and health professionals to help you learn and grow on your intermittent fasting journey.

5. DOFASTING - Get DoFasting App here

Why we love it: 

  • One of the most feature rich apps we looked at
  • Weight loss tracking
  • In-app meal logging and meal planning 

Price: Starting at $1.25 per week 

I “do”, like the DOFasting app a lot – you can get it for both iOS and Android phones and it’s packed with features. You can log your meals, water intake as well as fasting plans and fasting durations – DoFasting app also has a great notification feature to keep you honest and on track to hit your fasting and feeding time frames. 

6. Life Fasting Tracker - Get LIFE Fasting Tracker Here

Why we love it: 

  • Community support in app 
  • Great library of intermittent fasting articles and helpful tips
  • You can track both intermittent fasting & your weight 
  • In-app feed feature so you can keep up with your friends and share your intermittent fasting journey 

Price: Free 

For this app, I have one word… social. That’s right, this is the app if you are looking for a community to fast alongside; they have a great feed or wall a lot like Facebook where you can post your status and see others, I can’t tell you how much this helps when you are intermittent fasting to have other people to lift you up and inspire you along your way. I would say this app is a winner for that reason alone, but it also has a great depth of features like intermittent fasting plans to plug and play, a vast resource library from experts as well as solid in-app videos. Oh, and you can get this app on both the Apple and Google app stores so it’s winner! 

7. VORA - Get Vora App Here

Why we love it: 

  • Easy to share via social media 
  • 12 preset intermittent fasting plans built in
  • Easy to log past fasting so you can keep up even if you forgot to log last week
  • Daniel Fast & Dr. Jason Fung fasting options as well 

Price: Free – you can unlock more options for $4.99

Vora is another simple and FREE intermittent fasting tracker that you can get for both iOS and Android phones; very intuitive user interface. One thing that really stands out with this app is that it has options for other intermittent fasting plans that I hadn’t seen in any other app out there. If you or your church are doing the Daniel Fast then this is the app for you, you can track that right in the app – or maybe you are going to give Dr. Jason Fung a try with his intermittent fasting plan, hey there is an app for that.. and it’s called VORA! 

8. MyFast - Get MyFast App Here

Why we love it: 

  • Ability to plan out your entire week of fasting 
  • Manual mode, just log whatever you want
  • Progress updates and alerts
  • Fast user interface, not a lot of bells and whistle just quick tracking of your intermittent fasting plan

Price: Free

Here you’ll get a very cool feature that I hadn’t seen a lot of, you can manually enter info from your past intermittent fast and log the data from those as well, right alongside your current intermittent fast. This is nice if you are like me and have been intermittent fasting for years but just recently got an app for that (see what I did there!). MyFast is online for both iOS and Android phones and has a very intuitive user interface

9. BodyFast - Get Bodyfast App Here

Why we love it: 

  • Library of free intermittent fasting plans and helpful tips to keep you on track
  • Separate logs for fasting, weight loss, hydration & body fat measurements 
  • Over 10 intermittent fasting plans built in and ready for you to use

Price: Free

BodyFast is pretty simple, and by now you know I like that – you can get this on both the iOS and Android app stores and if you are wanting to get starting with intermittent fasting but are unsure on the plan to use or the timing of that plan then BodyFast might be the one for you. It features a lot of popular plans and they are plug and play, so just pick a plan you like, and the app will walk you through how to accomplish that plan. 

10. FastHabit - Get FastHabit App Here

Why we love it: 

  • Notifications and Alerts to keep us on track
  • You can add past fasts and get stats for those as well 
  • Endless options to adjust to your intermittent fasting plan

Price: Free 

Ah #10, I mean come on… someone had to be last but FastHabit isn’t a loser at all and it’s got a feature that not a single other app had! FastHabit allows you to log past intermittent fasting but not just log that info, it will include that info into your stats so you can analyze those performance stats right alongside your current intermittent fasting data. I think that’s pretty cool… it also has all the intermittent fasting plans you can plug right in and a robust alert system to remind you of when it’s time to fast and when it’s time to eat (like we would forget when it’s time to eat!!). FastHabit is available on both the Apple and Google apps store. 

Ok, there you have it… our Top 10 List of Intermittent Fasting Apps I think you can tell there are a ton of options out there and with so many options I’m sure you’ll find an app that will check all of your boxes to motivate and inspire you to keep steady on your intermittent fasts. Don’t forget, even though there is an app for that – you still need to be using high quality foods and getting plenty of nutrition from both real food as well as a quality vitamin supplement.